Monday, February 1, 2016

Simple Makeup Tips for Working Women 2016


Just as dressing for work in imperative, looking good is equally important. Appearance make a huge difference in making or breaking a job opportunity or success on the job. Besides, favorable image by styling appropriately to work creates conducive atmosphere. Here is how to achieve it

Look Professional:
          Just as when dressing for work, one thinks of comfort, weather and activities planned for the day, I believe a similar rationale should also be going behind wearing makeup as well. Liberty can be taken while dressing up for a relaxed culture, however, any workplace with a traditional corporate culture will have employees dressing up in a serious business attire. All makeup should be applied with a light touch to emphasize facial features during work hours.

For the Skin:
         Get a pretty glow on your face by moisturizing on a daily basis. A good moisturizer helps retain moisture and prevents dryness. For flawless skin, I suggest a concealer that matches your skin tone, it covers-up dark, under-eye circles, blemishes and marks.

For the Eyes: 
          In my opinion, bright colored eye shadows such as electric green and blue should be avoided. I recommend 2 colors of eye shadows, a base color which is neutral in nature and a shade that compliments your eyes. Black mascara is a makeup must have.

For the Lips:
          Subtle lip stain is good but If red is desired then it is recommend to go extremely light on eye makeup.

For the Hair:
           Wear your hair nice and neat. A simple hairstyle communicates loyalty towards the organization. Half up and half down style, ponytail for long and short hair and flat ironed chignons are equally yet professional.

A small makeup kit kept at the desk cupboard comes handy, especially before meetings, presentations and team lunches. A working women look must be soft, decent and well-organized.


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