Saturday, March 12, 2016

Generation Spring Dresses 2016 for Women

Generation spring dresses 2016 have been launched now and this collection has been given the name of Manjeet Diaries collection lineStarting with the details of these 2016 Generation spring dresses, shoot has been done by Abdullah Haris, modeling has been done Zara Abid and also Naja Rajput. Styling is done by Wazhma Awan. This collection that has been titled as Manjeet Diaries manages to embodies that kind of urban and aesthetic culture which all of us has not yet imagine. 

In this collection, this fashion label has gone through the process of creative designing. By far these ‘Manjeet Diaries, will be the very first collection by them for this time of Spring. Here in these dresses, you can have these traditional looking block print motifs, you can also catch up with these fluid free-of its kind of spirited silhouettes. Do grab these trendy looking dresses and feel that modern touch in you.


Elan Pre Spring Dresses 2016 for Women

This Elan Crystal Festive Luxury Pret Pre Spring collection 2016 has been launched. For these 2016 Elan spring dresses, their photoshoot has been captured by Guddu Shani, modeling has been done by Seeda Imtiaz and hair and makeup has been done Hannan Siddique. 

In this collection very delicate kinds of colors have been put up and this fashion label has make the contrasts like black white, light green and off white. Mostly the motifs and stones work are there in the upper portion of the shirts. These are short in length shirts and can be fused with the trousers. It is the best looking pret and formal wear collection. Grab this collection as soon as possible and make your spring more colorful. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Eden Robe Lawn Dresses 2016 for Women

Eden Robe lawn dresses 2016 are right now available in all of its outlets. This collection has been designed for the females and here at this page, we will be giving you details of this unstitched premium lawn collection 2016.  These lawn dresses are present in the form of medium length shirts and in knee length. You will love all of these print designs, embroidered and thread work patterns. 

This fashion label has make use of best kinds of shades, you will be able to get hold of some inspiring kind of new motifs in this lawn dress collection. As it is the unstitched lawn and also Pret Collection so it is up to you that in what style you wants to have these dresses. Red, purple, orange, brown and dark green are the shades that are used in these lawn dresses. Eden Robe collection are the designed for casual summer days. More of the Eden Robe spring 2016 collection pictures will be shared with you.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bonanza Garments Summer Dresses 2016 for Women

Bonanza Garments summer dresses 2016 have been showcased now. Starting with, embroidered shirts are there and these Bonanza Garments 2016 summer dresses have been just put up in an elegant way. Simple looking shirts are there, cigarette pants and simple in stitching trousers are there.

Colorful kind of shading scheme has been put up by this label, you can opt these dresses for casual days, you can pick up these Satrangi dresses for semi formal routines. It is a fact that these Bonanza Garments summer dresses 2016 carry much elegance and decency in them. These summer dresses are right now available in red, pink, purple, brown, grey, white and orange shades. More of the Bonanza Garments summer dresses 2016 are on their way. 

LSM Fabrics Spring Dresses 2016 for Women

This collection has been given the name of LSM Komal Life collection 2016. We are quite sure that you will just blown away and get impressed by these 2016 LSM Fabrics spring dresses. These LSM Fabrics 2016 spring dresses have been fully loaded with the trendy designs and cuts. 

These medium in length shirts are fused with the beautiful looking floral patterns, you will be having the cuts with the fusion of elegant and decent embroidery work. All of them are the unique looking LSM Fabrics spring dresses 2016 that have been speaking on their own. This collection has been inducted and loaded with rich in cultural styling and designing aspects. Mostly kurtis are there, they are present in the embroidered form and then you can have then with the cigarette pants. Grab these kurtis and amazing suits and be the fashion icon of your own.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Charizma Lawn Dresses VOL 1 for Women 2016

This collection has been given the name of Charizma embroidered swiss voile collection volume 1. All of these dresses will be available in all of the major outlets of Pakistan. These 2016 Charizma spring dresses have been given a traditional touch. You can have these simple looking shirts, they have been made further beautified with this print work and a also with this thread and embroidery work.

This fashion label has kept in mind the simplicity factor while designing and putting up these Charizma 2016 spring dresses. You can have these dresses with shalwars, cigarette pants and trousers. Have these lawn dresses in the shades of red, blue, grey, purple, white and brown colors. More of the volumes of this summer lawn dress collection line will sooner be revealed this fashion label so stay tuned with us.

Al-Zohaib Textiles Spring Dresses 2016 for Women

Al Zohaib Textile spring collection is available in the market now. This collection has been launched on 7th March 2016. They have named this collection as A New Sunshine Spring collection 2016 and mainly embroidered tunic pants will be there in this collection line. Short in length shirts are there with cigarette pants and ravishing looking cuts are there too. 

You can have these embroidered tunics and pants, it is the collection for younger girls. As you can see in these pictures that these Al Zohaib Textile 2016 spring dresses are present in the shades of red, purple, blue, brown, grey and green colors. Stay tuned with us because we will be giving more updates and news with regard to the collection lines of this subjected fashion label.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Best Leather Handbag Styles To Own

When it comes to handbag fashion, leather handbags are always in. The size and color of these handbags may vary from time to time, however leather styled bags have always succeeded in offering a unique aura to the overall appearance of a woman. A leather handbag can be anything from a durable carry everywhere accessory to a fashion statement to a contrasting addition to your outfit. Leather handbags may be the only type that can easily be carried for both casual and formal look. Leather Handbags are available in a variety of different styles that can be paired efficiently for different looks at different times. The main types of leather bags to own include

Monday, March 7, 2016

Men’s Loafers Buying Guide

Which started off as a simple Norwegian farmer’s footwear is now a timeless classic, admired and worn by men all over the world. Often mistaken as slip-ons or moccasin, loafers have a class of their own. But what makes a loafer any different from a moccasin? Well, loafer is a lace less specie of men’s shoes. It’s low (do not cover your ankles), often has a heel, and a separate sole. The upper vamp of the shoe often has a piece of leather attached to it which is commonly known as a saddle. Plus there is no embroidery or beading on the shoe.

Origins Spring Dresses 2016 for Women

This collection has been launched out just few days back and is simply coming across to be so best looking and the best option for the spring season. Origins is one of the best brands in Pakistan that has always highlight with something new and awesome in their dresses designing. Origins main product lines fall inside the categories of casual wear, ready to wear, semi formal wear and seasonal wear collections.

Origins spring collection has come up with the trendier long shirts with the pairing of trousers and cigarette pants. Some of the shirts are stitched in the medium or short length styles too. Origins has been giving their dresses with the attractive beautiful look by the use of embroidery work and lace designs that is visible over the front side and on the borders. Premium fabric stuff has been used for the stitching of the 2016 origins spring dresses. It has been all set for purchase in all the outlets of Origins and is even accessible at their online shopping store. Have a look at the pictures and find your favorite dress design right now. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

ZS Textiles Kalyan Lawn Dresses 2016 for Women

ZS Textiles Kalyan lawn dresses 2016 are now available! These are all of the embroidered embellished dresses and you will be loving all of them. This collection can be the best semi formal wear embroidered collection for the summer time. This collection has been given the name of Kalyan collection 2016.  

The best way to glamorize these embroidered cuts and pieces is to make a pairing of them with cigarette pants. You can have these ZS Textiles Kalyan lawn dresses 2016 in the colors and hues of red, blue, orange, green, purple and also in the maroon shades. All of these are the traditional looking embroidered dresses. You can for sure be stitching them into the mid length and also into the knee length shirts forms. As these shirts are fused with the embroidery work so you can wear them on parties and functions. Have a look on complete collection of ZS textiles 2016.

Shariq Textiles Mahnoor Summer Dresses 2016 for Women

Shariq Textiles Mahnoor summer dresses 2016 for women has been showcased now. As we know that summer season is almost here and all of the women and girls have been making plans to get start with their summer shopping time. These Shariq textiles outfits are there in the patterns of mid length shirts, they are available in the pattern form and you can also grab them in the little bit kind of embellishment patterns.

You can either be wearing up shalwars with these knee length shirts or with trousers and cigarette pants. Younger girls can have the option to fuse these Mahnoor summer shirts with the cigarette pants. For the shades, this fashion label has come up with mix touch of colors which are red, blue, green, aqua and orange. If you wants to have some decent and elegant summer collection lines then this Mahnoor summer collection line should also be opted by you.